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Tourists increase your risk of two kinds of driving crashes

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2022 | Car Accidents

Las Vegas sees tourists come from all over the world, and tourists certainly add to the local economy. There are many features about Las Vegas that bring so many tourists.

Some people come for a quick wedding. Others come to enjoy the incredible live shows or gamble. There are also numerous trade shows and Expos hosted in the Las Vegas area every year.

Tourists come to town for professional and personal reasons, and they may overindulge and make other dangerous decisions while they are here. The marketing strategies employed for Las Vegas tourism are quite successful, but they unfortunately lend themselves to more risk on the roads. How do Las Vegas area tourists add to your risk at the wheel?

They don’t know their way and are prone to distraction

When someone isn’t familiar with an area, navigation requires a lot of mental effort. Even when someone uses specialized software like Google Maps to get around, they still have to split their attention between driving the vehicle and following the instructions provided by the GPS device.

Sometimes, the device is enough of a distraction that someone causes a crash. Other times, the device could give someone bad instructions that result in inappropriate maneuvers. Given that tourists often depend on GPS assistance to navigate the city, your risk of encountering a GPS-distracted driver in Las Vegas is quite high.

They had too much to drink

Whether someone was at a networking event for a business convention and had too many beers or they lost track of the free drinks they enjoyed at a casino, they might get behind the wheel with an unsafe amount of alcohol in their bloodstream.

The party atmosphere on the strip in Las Vegas can bleed out into residential neighborhoods if people stay with family members or rent out a residential property instead of staying at a hotel while they visit. Simply put, there’s no place 100% safe from possible drunk drivers.

Distracted and drunk driving crashes can cause catastrophic injuries and may lead to insurance claims and civil lawsuits. Recognizing why your risk is higher for certain kinds of motor vehicle crashes in the Las Vegas area can help you stay a bit safer on the road.