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3 tips for staying safe during holiday/winter travel season

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2023 | Personal Injury

The weather in Nevada does not change dramatically in the winter months the way it does in northern states. However, there are still winter and holiday safety risks that Vegas-area residents need to understand.

The weeks closest to the winter holidays and the entirety of the season often see an increase in tourism. Some people plan major vacations for the winter break from school, while others simply want to escape frigid weather conditions by visiting a warmer climate. More tourists and travelers mean a host of different safety concerns. How can those in the Vegas area protect themselves from the increased risk during the winter months?

Watch for drunk and distracted drivers

Those in rental vehicles or vehicles without out-of-state license plates are likely tourists or business visitors to the area. They may not know their way around, which means they could become distracted by GPS navigation software while driving. Drunk driving crashes also often increase around the holidays. This risk can come both from locals and tourists. The risk may be lower after the holidays but could well persist for as long as the winter tourism spike lasts.

Be careful at businesses

An influx of winter tourists can cause far more incidents at businesses like hotels, casinos and restaurants. Companies do not always increase staffing levels to reflect bigger messes and more demand on worker time. Therefore, the risk of premises liability incidents could be higher if workers at stores and other businesses cannot keep the facilities clean. More tourists might also mean a higher risk of criminal activity, which is another source of premises liability. Inadequate security measures at businesses could lead to robberies, assaults and other criminal incidents.

Take care as a pedestrian

Walking around town and jogging to get exercise should not be dangerous activities. However, an influx of tourists means that there is more risk in someone’s daily life. Distracted or drunk tourists could easily cause crashes when pedestrians are on public roadways. New Year’s Eve, in particular, is a dangerous day for pedestrians because of drunk drivers.

Claims for compensation can sometimes become more challenging if they involve tourists with out-of-state insurance or businesses. Understanding the risks of the winter and planning to minimize certain risk factors may benefit those living or traveling in Nevada this winter.