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3 factors that contribute to your risk of a pedestrian collision

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2023 | Car Accidents

Both Las Vegas residents and tourists need to know about the risks that come from traveling the area. As is the case anywhere that pedestrians encounter motor vehicles, there is a constant risk of those walking in Las Vegas ending up struck and injured by a motor vehicle.

There are certain factors, like the way other people act while driving, that you cannot control. However, there is little question that the choices you make as a pedestrian may contribute to the possibility of a crash with a motor vehicle.

The three factors below all play a major role in the likelihood of a pedestrian crash occurring or how severe one is when it happens.

The speed of the vehicle

One of the simplest ways to predict the severity of a pedestrian crash is to look at the speed limit near where the collision occurred. At lower speeds, such as those in residential and business neighborhoods, the likelihood of a fatal crash occurring is substantially lower than in areas where vehicles regularly travel at 40 miles per hour or higher. Choosing to walk in areas with lower speed limits when possible could help save your life.


Distracted driving is frequently the underlying reason that a driver doesn’t notice a pedestrian right in front of their vehicle. Someone looking at their phone to navigate the city or to respond to a text message won’t notice a pedestrian stepping out at a crosswalk like they usually would. Distraction is also dangerous when it is the pedestrian who doesn’t focus on their surroundings, as they may step off the curb at the wrong moment and ultimately cause a severe crash.


Alcohol impairment plays a role in a large number of pedestrian crashes. It is also a major source of revenue in Las Vegas, especially around the strip where many tourists gather. Both intoxicated drivers and pedestrians under the influence of alcohol can contribute to the likelihood of a pedestrian wreck occurring.

Those who understand what puts them at risk of a pedestrian crash will have a much easier time protecting themselves while out on their next walk about town. Avoiding a pedestrian crash is always the best option, and learning about your rights if one occurs is also a smart decision.