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Can a tourist pursue a personal injury claim without returning?

On Behalf of | May 18, 2023 | Personal Injury

Going on vacation should be a restful and relaxing experience. People take time off of work to reconnect with their families, unwind and visit popular destinations, like Las Vegas casinos, where they can enjoy themselves. Unfortunately, sometimes a vacation has a negative impact on an individual because they get hurt. A slip-and-fall at a hotel or a car crash caused by a drunk driver might put someone in the hospital for part of their vacation, force them to alter their travel plans and negatively impact their finances.

Will individuals who sustain injuries while visiting Nevada have to return to the state either repeatedly or for an extended amount of time to pursue a personal injury claim?

In-state council can typically manage a claim

Whether someone from Washington state needs to make an insurance claim after a Nevada car crash or someone hurt in an assault wants to file a lawsuit against their attacker, it is not automatically necessary for them to be present in Nevada to do so. They simply need support capable of handling the claim in Nevada.

Generally, the location of where the incident occurs will determine the jurisdiction, meaning the laws that apply in the courts that will hear the claim. Incidents in Nevada will typically require claims made under Nevada law in the Nevada courts. A plaintiff from another state can retain a licensed Nevada attorney to represent them both during negotiations with an insurance provider and during a civil lawsuit.

The lawyer can potentially eliminate someone’s need to travel back to Nevada to gain compensation. Even if someone’s return is necessary, a lawyer can help minimize the number of trips necessary and the duration of those trips. Many people pursuing personal injury claims can stay at home and allow their lawyer to manage the claim on their behalf.

An out-of-state attorney could make a mistake

Someone licensed to practice law in another state won’t be as familiar with the unique rules that apply in Nevada cases and could easily make a mistake. The slight differences in insurance requirements and personal injury laws in every state make acquiring a lawyer from the right jurisdiction of the utmost importance for those hoping to navigate a complicated legal matter.

Seeking legal guidance to better understand the support available for someone who has recently been hurt on a visit to Nevada may make it easier for those affected to pursue a personal injury claim after returning home to the state where they live.